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Welcome to the exciting and delicious world of home brewing!

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Brewing your own beer at home will be the most rewarding hobby you will ever have. Not only will you and your friends enjoy the results of the few hours it takes, but you will save lots of money over buying micro brews from the corner store. The cost to brew a five gallon batch (approx. 9 - 6 packs) ranges from $15-$35. You have probably been spending about $10 per 6 pack for your favorite micro brew. If you can boil water, you can brew great tasting beer!

Don't be fooled by the beer kits you've seen at the big box stores. We sell only the best quality beer kits, equipment and ingredients. Our kits and ingredients are the same as used by the brewerys, not just flavor packs and yeast, that you add sugar to. Tables sugar is not used in brewing real beer. Our home brew kits contain all quality malts, hops and yeast, but never have you add sugar.

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